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    1. Toyota Parts

      Best Toyota Parts Online Store of China

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      How To Order ?

      How to order genuine toyota parts and aftermarket chinese auto parts from our company ?

      1. Please send an Excel inquiry list with Parts number Or VIN,Parts name,Car model and Quantity to us by email to INFO@TOYOTASPARTS.COM . We will reply your email within 48 hours.

          ( Note: If your inquiry list without parts number Or VIN and order quantity,We will can't reply your email. )

      2. After customer confirm the price and payment, and then we can send the goods to our customer.

         2. 1Contract Terms

           2.11 FOB

           2.12 EX-Work

           2.13 CIF

      3. Mode of Transportation

          3.1 By Sea

          3.2 By Air

      4. Our company provide these original documents to our customer.

        4.1. CHINA certificate of origin. ( For Chinese aftermarket parts. )

        4.2. Our Company invoice.

        4.3. Our Company packing list.

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